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 Komaba International FrieNDship Club


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KIND会長  岩倉 信弥


With International Students

Home Visit

   KIND is a volunteer group established in 1985 by families living in and around Komaba, Meguro Ward of Tokyo. Through active interactions with international students from all over the world, who have gathered at Komaba International House (International Students Dormitory), KIND aims to support these students get used to the life in Japan.

   We have continued our activities even after the dormitory has changed to the University of Tokyo International Komaba Lodge and the international student’s dormitory of the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2014. Our spirit has been passed down since KIND started off as a small gathering between few families. In 2014, we have celebrated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of KIND, which has developed into an organization with over 50 members today. 

   As a result of building strong bonds between inter-national students through activities such as home visits, as well as various events, there are thousands of international students who refer to Japan as their second home. We are proud that KIND has been awarded by the nation, municipals and various institutions for the services it renders to the inter-national student community in Japan. 

   We wish that more people will recognize our activities, and be willing to join us. 

KIND Volunteer Group for International Students

President  Shinya  Iwakura


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